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Wholesale Application

Becoming a Layerz Clothing Retailer
-Fill out the Wholesale Application form below. Once reviewed you will receive an e-mail from us accepting your application or requesting further information. *A copy of your tax ID MUST be uploaded with your wholesale application. Applications submitted without a copy of tax information will not be reviewed.
-Opening order amount is 4 pieces of one color of 3 styles. Any example of a minimum opening order: Black Fiesta Top S-1 M-1 L-1 XL-1, Pink Fiesta Top S-1 M-2 L-1, Turquoise Fiesta Top S-1 M-1 L-2. After the opening order has been reached a re-order of $100 is required.
-Re-Orders can be placed on our wholesale website, by emailing, by calling or texting (979) 203-0094 or by commenting in our Layerz Clothing Wholesale Facebook Group. has a universal password. You will not need an individual account to use our wholesale website. This universal password will be e-mailed to you once you have filled out our wholesale application and been approved.
Perks of being a Layerz Clothing dealer:
-No pre-packs, open stock on all styles
-Style protection up to a 10-mile radius (see below for more details)
-Access to our content library where we will post all photoshoot photos and any other additional content you can use for your boutique. (A minimum of a $1,000 order per season is required to gain access to this library.)
-A vendor that truly wants to build a relationship with you and help you grow your business.
Style Protection
At Layerz Clothing we offer style protection up to a 10 mile radius. If an account is actively ordering from Layerz Clothing ($300 per month or an average thereof) we will protect the styles they are ordering for 60 days. If a re-order is not placed for those items after 60 days and another account is wanting to order the styles the original account carried, we will open the new account. For new lines we drop we honor first order basis, whoever places their order first & reaches the minimum requirements for protection will receive style protection. The styles not ordered will be available in the area. We reserve the right to sell Layerz Clothing to different types of stores in the area. Example: a boutique and a western store. Layerz Clothing reserves the right to open a new account if the current account does not seem to be a good fit.
Tax ID/Resale Certificate 
A copy of your Tax ID or Resale Certificate must be on file before your first order ships. Please email it to if we do not already have it on file. 
If you already have a wholesale account with us please shop our wholesale website