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Layerz Clothing

Styles available in sizes XS-3XL

True Women's Fit

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Oh My Stars

Styles available in sizes XS-3XL

Oversized Women's Fit

Handcrafted details like no other!

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Oh My Stars! It is finally time to roll out the project I have spent the last few years working on! We launched our Premier Collection in the Spring of 2021 knowing we wanted to create its very own stand alone brand. After a year and a half of being in the Trademark process I am thrilled to officially announce to you Oh My Stars! This line is everything I love about fashion; impeccable construction, high-end textiles, hand embroidery work and craftsmen-ship. I could go on an on but I'll let the garments speak for themself! I hope you say Oh My Stars every time your receive this line! Thank you for supporting this brand. It truly is a dream come true!

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