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About Layerz Clothing 
Layerz Clothing is the definition of a boutique brand, unique, eye catching, specialized, detailed, high quality and trendy. Boutiques were created to offer a specialized assortment to high end clientele and Layerz Clothing is on a mission to bring that culture back to the boutique world. Layerz Clothing designs feature intricate embroidery details on bold prints and amazing fabrics. We truly believe that everyone should feel amazing in what they wear and that a special outfit can change your mood. We strive to be different and offer styles that have unique features that make the item special. The entire Layerz Clothing line is proudly designed in the tiny Texas town of Washington, Texas. Fun fact, that is where the great state of Texas was founded in 1836.
Our entire line is available in size Small-3XL, open stock, no pre-packs, and you pick all your own sizes. Our sizing is based off a true women’s fit, not junior sizing, with a size 8-10 being our size medium.
At Layerz Clothing we believe that developing relationships between boutiques and brands are key to the success for both businesses. We encourage all our accounts to come to market in order for us to meet, get to know each other, give feedback, see the line in person and share a laugh or two.
The Layerz Clothing line retails from $49.99-$99.99. We believe there is a void in the market for that price point and want to offer products for the client that appreciates quality. We are not a fast-fashion brand and we do not plan to be one.
When you support Layerz Clothing you are supporting a 100% bootstrapped company, owned and operated by Courtney and Brandon. We do not have investors, backers, a large warehouse in LA or sales reps across the nation. We are a small business, just like you and we appreciate each and every customer that chooses to offer Layerz Clothing in their store.

Layerz Clothing

Our Mission
Layerz Clothing mission is to bring awareness to depression and anxiety in women by helping them feel amazing in the clothes that they wear. We truly believe that a fun outfit can change your mood. On the back of every hang tag we have printed Philippians 4:6 “Be anxious in nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be known to God.” We encourage our retailers to not cut our tags off because we believe that someone might need to read that verse to help them with whatever they may be going through.
Every year we donate a portion of our profits to a non-profit that supports women. In 2019 we donated to the Movement Foundation which is a non-profit that empowers girls and women by providing them with resources, opportunities and experiences to use physical movement as a tool to build confidence and self-worth. One of the events the Movement Foundation hosts is called We Dare to Bare, a celebration of bodies of all shapes and sizes through sweat, community and courage. Women of all sizes and walks of life come together to celebrate their bodies and beauty by participating in a fitness class where everyone wears sports bras and yoga pants as a symbol of loving yourself. We are proud to give back to women and plan to continue bringing awareness to depression and anxiety in women.