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The Road to Round Top

Written by Courtney Rayzor


Posted on May 27 2019

Hey Guys! Long time no write! I know, I know once again I have dropped the ball on this whole blog thing but, I have realized the only way I get them done is when I am in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. So, with that realization I am currently taking applications for someone to drive me around while I write. I am totally kidding.

It is Round Top week y’all! Holy smokes I don’t even know how this week is even here! I was telling my mom the other day how every year in January I think Round Top is coming and then it feels like two days later bam it is here, and I didn’t get anything done like I had planned.

 In case you are not familiar with Texas Antique Week I will give you the 411. Every spring and fall the tiny towns of Round Top and Warrenton, Texas host Texas Antique Week which is Texas largest antique show. Located down the country road of 237 is about a 20 mile stretch of anything and everything you can image. Cowhide rugs, vintage linens, windmills, old china, handmade furniture, boutique clothing, handmade jewelry, artwork, I could keep going on for days because if you can image it, it’s at Texas Antique Week. All these items are located in fields, on front porches, on the town square, in barns and more fields. You could spend a solid week in Round Top and Warrenton during this time and not see it all. Celebrity spotting’s like Joanna Gains, Miranda Lambert and Sandra Bullock are just a few who have been spotted shopping the fields. Texas Antique Week has grown tremendously over the years and is now two weeks and three weekends full of shopping. This spring the show runs from March 23rdto April 6th.

 Some of the places that I love to shop and check out while I am out and about during the show:

The square in Round Top (which is where Layerz Clothing will be set up) there is a great mix of vendors on the square from clothing, to jewelry, to crafts and rugs.

Royer’s Pie Haven inside Henkel Square (A slice of Texas Trash please!)

A stop at The Compound, this is where Brandon and I got married so I love to go here to relive memories and get ideas. However, I typically don’t buy anything because the items here are very high end but awesome to look at.

Junk Gypsy Company, have you heard of these gals, they are so awesome, and their store is just as cool!

Bar W Field (now we have worked our way to Warrenton) this is the field that I buy all the junk, tailgates, window panes, windmills, vintage linens, Fiesta Wear dishes, and just dang good junk.

The Marketplace Warrenton, covered shopping that features boutiques and home décor. Agave Sky will be set up there this show.

Zapp Hall I love to eat lunch at Royer’s set up at Zapp Hall and shop the booths around like Two Bar West, Bling A Gogo, and lots of other fun finds.

LoneStar Gallery where the amazing Punchy’s is set up.

And last but not least Punky’s Place which is the big white house on the hill painted with lots of fun bright colors. Go in and check out all the amazing finds inside that house, if anything I promise it will just make you happy.


Now everything I listed above is about a weekend’s worth of shopping! So, you need somewhere to stay for your awesome trip! Now I could go on for days about awesome places to stay in Round Top but in order to keep this from turning into a travel blog I will list out three great options:

 Wander INN- this adorable bed and breakfast on the property at Junk Gypsy Company is the perfect place to stay. It is located in the perfect location right in between Round Top and Warrenton so that you can shop both places.

 LoneStar Glamp Inn- How does Glamping sound? You can stay in a vintage trailer for the weekend without the worry of what the weather is going to be. We rented this place for the weekend of our wedding and everything about this place is perfection. You can stay in a camper or a teepee whatever you heart desires!

 FlopHouze- These shipping containers are built out for the perfect weekend getaway. Beautifully furnished and super fun to stay in them. Brandon and I stayed in these during our wedding weekend and I want to go back because they just made me happy!

 If you haven’t shopped Texas Antique week before I want to give you just a few tips so that you can be prepared to shop at your full potential.

Shopping Tips:

  • Layer, it is chilly in the morning, but it warms up quick. Wear a light jacket that you can tie around your waist when the sun starts shining.
  • A wagon or cart. Girl you don’t want to carry all your finds. Bring a cart or wagon so that you can put all your goodies in there and wheel it around.
  • Ice chest with WATER, WATER, WATER put your ice chest in your cart or wagon filled with water and maybe even some margs and you are set
  • Tennis Shoes I promise you will thank me for this tip after you walk 10 miles a day
  • Sunscreen, even if it is only 75, I promise you will get some sun being out and about all day
  • Last but not least CASH, cell service doesn’t always work therefore credit card readers don’t always work either. Bring CASH and vendors will love you.


If you have read this far you should win a prize. Come by our booth on the square in Round Top and show us this blog for 20% off your entire purchase! We can’t wait to see you!



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