So Altitude Sickness is a Thing....

Written by Courtney Rayzor


Posted on May 27 2019

Happy Tuesday! I am currently sitting shotgun in the truck on our drive home from Denver WESA market. The market ended at 3pm yesterday and we had the booth completely broken down, trailer loaded and pulling out of the parking lot at 4:01pm. We don’t play games. We drove to Amarillo which ended up taking about 7.5 hours which put us in Amarillo at 1am. (Amarillo by morning). We woke up this morning and hit the pavement again, we have another 8 hours ahead of us today.

(If you just read the first paragraph and thought, it's definitly Friday! I know, I know, I wrote this Tuesday and guess what I am just now getting a chance to post it.)

This Denver Market was my first market as an exhibitor, I have attended WESA as a buyer for three years prior. Agave Sky and Layerz Clothing shared a booth and we are so thankful they allowed us to be in their booth. Since it was our first market we unfortunately had the worst booth location at the market. Last row, in the deepest darkest corner of the building. (So that was loads of fun!) Many people would finally find us and say I didn’t even know this was back here. Considering our booth was very hard to locate we had a very successful market. We are so thankful for all the new stores we met and chatted with.

Every morning since I stepped foot in Colorado I woke up with a headache. Saturday morning was no different except my stomach hurt along with it. I had a not so wonderful dinner the night before (it was a salad, I tried to be good, however, it wasn’t a good salad and they didn’t put dressing on it) so I just thought it was from that. I went about my day however, I noticed at 2:30 I never got hungry for lunch so I made myself eat some chili I had made and brought with me. We finished up market for the day and right as I went to put my phone in my purse it hit me I didn’t feel good at all. We were headed to dinner with friends so I thought I could power through the dinner. We get to dinner and the restaurant is packed with people waiting for a table. I look at Brandon and tell him, "I’m about to pass out". I go outside and start feeling better in the cool air and less people.

After about an hour of waiting and self power talk that I can make it through this dinner, I convinced myself I was good to go. We get seated and I eat a few chips, sip some water and start chatting. We order and before we order I have to go to the bathroom. The whole time I am trying to convince myself to not puke my guts up in this Mexican food restaurants bathroom. I go back to the table and Brandon says, "your not okay and I’m not okay either". Come to find out he felt strange too. Right about that time they deliver our food and I think, okay I just have to eat a little and then we will be done and can go. I took my first bite of rice and beans and it tasted like it had been drenched in butter. I haven’t been eating dairy so my stomach instantly became worse. They also put ranch all over my tacos (that is not how we do it in Texas folks) so I was trying to think through how I could politely eat them. About that time Brandon, "says are you okay?" I said, "no I’m not." I get up and just leave. A few minutes later he came outside to the rescue and said let’s go.

I recently got seasick this summer on a deep sea fishing trip and this felt exactly like that expect about 10 times worse. I didn’t sleep and in fact didn’t even make it to the booth the next day until 3:30pm. Thank goodness for my sweet husband who did feel better and was able to go to the booth.

Did I mention that the lovely dinner that I just got up and left from I was sitting next to one of the individuals who started Cinch Jeans. I’m sure he won’t forget this blonde that didn’t touch the food he bought her. At least I made an impression I suppose.

Until next time friends, maybe, just maybe, I will get this dang blog posted on Tuesday. I sure am trying! 





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