Falling Flat on my New Year’s Goals Face and Getting Right Back Up!

Written by Courtney Rayzor


Posted on May 27 2019

How are those New Year’s goals going for you?

Well sister, I am here to tell you I fell flat on my New Year’s goals face yesterday! Not literally but you want to talk about drop the ball, I did it.

One of my goals was to have quiet time and journal every day. I usually am pretty good Monday through Friday but Saturday and Sunday it wasn’t happening. On Monday I was so proud because I had made it a whole 7 days in a row journaling. Yesterday, I woke up and hit the ground running getting ready to leave for Denver. We left the house around 8am and were on the road until about 6pm. Then we went to dinner, came back, I booked my Vegas Market trip (whoop whoop, just going for fun not to be an exhibitor) and went to bed. Not once did it cross my mind to journal and it was Tuesday! I woke up at 3:50am this morning and realized I had dropped the ball.

 Another one of my goals for 2019 was to write a blog post each week and post it every Tuesday. Well, again yesterday was Tuesday and I am just now writing this at 7:22am on Wednesday. Dropped the ball again.

 My husband and I fast something different every January. He is fasting TV and I am fasting all forms of dairy. I have always been a little lactose intolerant, but I have convinced myself I can eat this or that and be oaky. I mostly wanted to see if I could go a whole month with no dairy and how that would make me feel. Well guess what I had Chicken Mini Biscuits at Chick Fila yesterday, dang you Chicken Mini Biscuits you were good, but I realized last night you have butter on your dang good biscuits.

Dang you Chicken Mini Biscuits

 Last, but not least I started doing yoga and stretching each day. I started out strong with 30 minutes a day. It made me feel so good and relieved so much tension in me. Well the last day I did that was Friday. (SMH)

 On the bright side I drank lots of water yesterday!

 To say I have dropped the ball the past couple days is an understatement but you know what I am getting right back up and starting new today. I am not going to beat myself up over yesterdays slacking. I am going to give myself grace and get right back on the horse today and start new. I think that is why so many New Year’s resolutions fail is because people slip up and then beat themselves up over it and never go back. It is okay to miss a day, we are all human. What matters is if you get right back on track the next day!



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