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Behind the Scenes of the Fiesta Tops!

Written by Courtney Rayzor


Posted on August 09 2019

Hey y'all,
I hope you have enjoyed our fun fact Fridays so far! I love being able to share fun facts about our company with you! This week I thought it would be fun to unveil the behind the scenes of our best selling top, our Fiesta Top!

Before Layerz Clothing, I had a side hustle from my day job called Wanderin Gypsy Designs. Shout out to the OG's who have been with me since those days! We've come a long way, that is for sure. I sold 4 things during my Wanderin Gypsy days. The first item was serape & fabric backed shorts. Yeah, those shorts that a company that is two letters with an & in the middle sells, those were my original designs, any-who I digress. The second item was tops I called Cantina Tops that I was importing from Mexico. Third was flannels, yes I have been making distressed flannels since 2016, crazy I know! And lastly was Christmas stockings, I cried when I received an order of 50 Christmas stockings, because back then I had to make them all and I hated sewing.

Out of those 4 items the one I enjoyed, wore and had the most request for were the Cantina Tops. The Cantina Tops were the stiff and stuffy cotton that are itchy and don't breathe well. I couldn't get the same tops twice, all the colors varied every time I received an order and I never knew what I was going to get. I knew I loved to wear them and received tons of compliments but I also knew there was a better way to make them. 

Fast forward to May 2018, when I decided it was time for me to launch Layerz. I turned to my own personal closet and looked for the items I had the most of but could be made differently and better. It was the Cantina Tops, I owned 10 different one's and had a beef with all of them. That is how the Fiesta Top was born. Soft fabric, stunning embroidery, bright colors and a wonderful fit were my criteria for creating what is now our best selling top. I created black first and received a sample and LOVED how it turned out. Then with a huge leap of faith I decided to create white without sampling. I jumped in and had my manufacturer make black and white and went all in. I honestly have to say I was just naive (ignorance is bliss right?). Knowing what I know now and all the things I have created in this last year I would NEVER do that again. But the good Lord was looking out for me. I received my first order of black and white Fiesta Tops in June of last year and those are what I launched Layerz with. The fact that the item I launched this company with is now our best selling product that we can't keep in stock is so awesome. I'm so thrilled you love them as much as I do. Every single order we receive I am beyond thankful for and because of you we have been able to continue designing and creating new products. 

I hope to see you at Dallas Market August 21st-24th on the 12th floor booth 4208. We are launching our fall line and we can't wait to show it to you. Layerz will be in a booth with Agave Sky and Sterling Brands and we are all excited to see you and hug your neck. 

Until Next Friday Friends! 



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